• Laren Grey

How To Make Your Facebook Newsfeed Cool

I'm sure you have experienced it, as I have: You hop on your Facebook and your newsfeed is clogged up with disproportionate amounts of politics, destruction, misery, and malaise.

What can you do?

Sanity is affected by environment, and what you put in your eyes and ears is important. I have a suggestion.

First, you need to decide what general vibes you do want and what vibes you don't want.

This can be split up into two categories...

What you do want: Nature, science, philosophy, the arts, motivation, humor, etc.

What you don't want: Politics, religion, the Kardashians, news, etc.

The world is busy force feeding us way too much of the "don't want" category, so we need to be diligent in balancing things out.


By "liking" pages related to nature, science, philosophy, the arts, motivation, and humor.

But that's not enough, you must like and share posts and articles in order to get algorithms in a good vibe again.

Here is a list of cool Facebook pages to get you started...

I Fucking Love Science


Popular Science



National Geographic

Nature PBS

Weird Nature

The Nature Conservancy

Philosophy Now


Philosophy Matters

National Endowment For The Arts

Arts, Artists, Artwork

Smithsonian Magazine

Native Americans

Turner Classic Movies

Anthony Hopkins

Bruce Lee

Future Thinkers


This Old House

Laird Hamilton


Khan Academy


Humans Of New York

Cabin Porn

Refine The Mind

The Church Of The Nervous System

Psychology Today

And of course...

Laren Grey actor/writer

These are just a few, there are thousands of cool pages, but also, sit and think of things that interest you (ex: kitesurfing, baking, karate, etc), type it into the search bar on Facebook, then like that page and share stuff from it!

Your social media experience will become a better place.

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