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WRITER: Influenced by Roald Dahl, Rod Serling, Ray Bradbury, Sam Shepard, Sherman Alexie, Thoreau, and various film, poetry, philosophy, psychology, and prose, Laren seeks story originality that taps into the nostalgia of the mind, focusing on short stories, novels, scripts, and ranty pilosophizationalistic non-fiction for fun and headaches. New publishings coming soon in 2021.



ACTOR: Laren has earned the nickname "workhorse" due to his fearlessness and endurance on film sets and creative projects. He believes that work drives talent. He brings to the table a unique set of life experiences and an unquenchable interest in everything. He takes quality seriously and selects parts or projects that are mutually fitting. "Availability, patience, and dedication are needed in all endeavors" is his artistic philosophy.

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