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For the past two years I've been writing and composing classical pieces for a quintet (contrabass, cello, viola, and violins). The compositions are finished. It will be recorded live in 2024. I wrote and composed the pieces entirely on acoustic bass and acoustic guitar, transposing for strings.

It has been far more difficult than I thought, but the resulting music is wonderful.


This needs to be your new favorite thing!

My full album, THE SOUNDS OF LOVE AND FEAR, is up on youtube.


Enjoy it and share it.


Laren Grey

00:00 Arrival
02:22 Solarumbra
03:32 Rythmia
07:58 Crescent Moon... Coyote Dreams
11:45 Lydmium
18:45 Awaken
21:55 Margareth
25:55 Something There
31:23 Dinner Bell
34:27 Sonrisa
36:43 The Knell
39:10 Canyon Night

Total run time 42:40

Acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, slide guitar, piano, xylophone, tambourine, bass drum, djembe drum, triangle bell, wood blocks

This album is entirely acoustic. No electronic or electric instruments were used on this album.
All music written by Laren Grey

I began this project on July 6th, 2020, the day Ennio Morricone died. As a fan, I was inspired by his unique lifelong work, and for my own catharsis and edification, I began composing my own ideas. This type of album has been something I have wanted to do for many years.

I gave myself a set of parameters...

- No vocals, all acoustic instruments. No electronic or electric instruments.

- Minimal instruments with emphasis on acoustic bass and guitar.

- Don't play things too perfect. Allow songs to drag and flow. Allow the pops, dings, and rattles of the acoustic instruments. No over-correcting or overproduced sound. A raw acoustic album.

- Despite minimal instruments, the songs should be unique and capture mood.

- Use varieties of keys and time signatures. Explore dissonance.

- No three-chord folk style strumming.

- The music must be unique, experimental.

All songs copyrighted © 2021 Laren Grey

#soundtrack #acousticmusic #acousticguitar #instrumental

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