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Music For Moments

by Laren Grey

September 4, 2022

Music. The Universal language. The sounds that permeate barriers. The language beyond words. Instrumental music. I love it. I even wrote and recorded an instrumental album called The Sounds of Love and Fear. You can enjoy it here:

As Autumn nears, I plan to write and read more. I have a few suggestions for instrumental music styles to enjoy while writing, reading, or just chillin'. Matching books with music is a great practice, and thanks to YouTube and other platforms, music is accessible.

The instrumental genre/sub-genre list...

(in alphabetical order with examples to get you started down the wormhole)

The list doesn't end there. The genres, sub-genres, and artists of instrumental, ambient, folk, traditional, classical, and world music are endless. There aren't enough hours in your life to listen to it all. So crack open a book and listen for eternity.

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