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The Water Buffalo and The Western Kingbird

In the summer of 2019, I found myself wandering the sparse town of Marfa, Texas. There is one sure thing about desolate western towns... They may look empty, but they're not lacking in characters. Some characteristic souls are permanent residents, haunting the dusty purgatory like ghosts in a Juan Rulfo story. Some are transients, like poltergeists blazing through an abandoned movie set, or spiraling down through the dusty layer into the depths of Dante's inferno. I thought this may be a good opportunity for a story. Sometimes we think stories must be grand or elaborate, but I found, especially on that dry summer West Texas day, that the grandest moments can be subtle.

Please enjoy my short story The Water Buffalo and The Western kingbird from my collection of short stories titled Twist.

You can buy a copy of Twist at (links to Amazon).

Thank you.

Laren Grey

PDF of The water Buffalo and The Western Kingbird...

Download PDF • 139KB

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