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Welcome to the blog of Laren Grey


I have noticed an issue in the world: That many people don't know where to start with finding cool and interesting stuff. As a result they end up content with whatever lands in front of them.As a result they end up missing all the cool stuff and spending an entire lifetime giggling at bad sitcoms, wasting their life sitting at a bar, or just being bored. So, here I am. The purpose of this blog is to introduce and encourage interest in a wide variety of things in the world. There is a whole world out there, and there is no excuse for boredom. Not on my watch! Regular blog posts will include fascinations from philosophy, the arts, culture, science, books, music, film, nature, and interesting people.

I believe that any person who has lived an extraordinary life and has encountered extraordinary people and mentors has an obligation to be that to others. Here we are, bricks on the path to cool stuff.

Welcome and enjoy.

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