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The Solidity Of The Situation 

To make sense of the world our minds are wired to categorize. But we were never meant to thrive as a species in the natural sense and our intelligence has surpassed our need for simplistic categorization. As a result, instead of categorizing the basics of survival, we now apply categorization to the extant complexities of the modern human condition. Now we see differences while overlap is ignored. A complex existence needs to seek commonalities in order to thrive. Now wee see things as good/bad, true/false, the one true religion, the one true political structure, the one true economic structure, us/them, this/that, is/isn't, and we fail to recognize that everything (with emphasis on everything) is interconnected and causal. The mind reinforces the beliefs formed around these categorizations, and although the beliefs are flawed or wrong the mind builds a structure of support for the belief. The way to circumvent this glitch of the mind is to constantly evaluate and update our models of reality. As reality is fluid a solid model of reality continuously loses accuracy. Having a fluid model of reality that adapts to reality is the way to go. Never adjust information to match a solid model of reality, instead we should constantly adjust the model of reality to fit new information.

But no matter how eloquently explained we still fall into the holes and still bounce off the solid walls of our models of reality. We must become fluid, adaptable, changing.

To quote the Mandalorians: "This is the way."

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